South Africa has been blessed with a rich history.  It also doesn’t matter where you start your journey, you will always be able to experience the rich history of South Africa.

The centrality of Wag n Bietjie Lodge makes it the perfect stopover between the various rich history filled cities of South Africa.

Brief History of Cape Town

Cape Town is 950 km from Wag n Bietjie Lodge.  Cape Town is best known as ‘The Mother City’ and was founded as a resupply stop for the Dutch East India Company. Even before the arrival of Dutch settlers that was led by Jan van Riebeeck in 1652, the Cape was home to groups of Khoi people. Today, Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa.  It is also a very popular tourist destination and is further known for the beautiful Table Mountain, the beaches, vineyards and majestic landscapes and limitless ocean.

Brief History of Johannesburg

Johannesburg is 528 km from Wag n Bietjie Lodge.  Although the city is still young and it already has an incredible history and legacy.  The first settlement sprang up in 1886 when gold was found in the area of Witwatersrand.  As always when gold was found, thousands flocked in search of their fortune.  Still today, Johannesburg is recognized as the city where dreams and success awaits.  Even the Anglo-Boer war couldn’t stop its growth.

“Through the years, Johannesburg has been the site of many iconic events. It was where the Springboks beat the All Blacks to take the Rugby World Cup in 1995. And, most recently, it was where South Africa showed the world that we can host an event as large as the FIFA Soccer World Cup with style and grace.”

Brief History of Bloemfontein

Bloemfontein is only 220km from Wag n Bietjie lodge.  The city is also known as the ‘City of Roses’, or Mangaung, ‘the place of cheetahs’.  Bloemfontein is further home to the National Women’s Memorial.  The memorial pays homage to those that died in the concentration camps during the war in South Africa.  Bloemfontein has delivered a few legends of their time, including Allan Donald (South African cricketer), Francois Steyn (Springbok rugby player), Hansie Cronje (former captain of the South African cricket team).  More legends of their time include Os du Rant (Springbok rugby player), Ryk Neethling (Olympic gold medalist swimmer), Shaun Morgan (lead vocalist of the band Seether) and also Zola Budd (international long distance athlete).



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