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In our line of work, we come across various people and situations that make us believe in the goodness of others and reinforces the meaning of being in service of others.

Running for Hope

Organizers of Running for Hope contacted us in the middle of 2016.  Running for Hope is a group of 4 guys running from Pretoria to Cape Town to help raise funds and awareness for children affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD).  They ran 40 km per day in order to finish the required kilometers. We were able to provide the Running for Hope team with refreshments, a day off at the lodge to recuperate and all meals.  We salute you Running for Hope!  Thank you for making a difference and we feel fortunate being able to help.

Wild Heart Rehab Centre


There is often food in the lodge left that is still of good quality.  We are in the fortunate position that the local churches in Jacobsdal or Richie take these meal parcels to give to the less fortunate communities.


At Wag n Bietjie Lodge we take social responsibility seriously.  Helping the community on a variety of levels is an important part of what we stand for and why we do what we do.  The purpose of building a successful business is to serve others. There is currently two permanent projects that we take very seriously.


The Wild Hearts Rehabilitation Centre focus on the rehabilitation of injured or orphaned animals and re-introduce them back into their native habitat.  Animals are given a second chance at life, that would have died if left in the wild.  Our owner Wiaan van der Linde, is the main sponsor for the rehabilitation centre.

People blessed us with random acts of kindness:

  • Paul and Hannelize Neethling from Langberg Farm blessed the Wintershoek Pre-Primary School with boxes and boxes of play things. Thank you, Paul and Hannelize!
  • Hardus and Liezl Jansen van Rensburg from Bloemfontein also unloaded books and play things for the Wintershoek Pre-Primary School. Thank you Hardus and Liezl!


Just across from our lodge is the Wintershoek Pre-Primary School.  The school gives all the local children in the vicinity an opportunity to receive schooling in their preschool years.

The owner, Wiaan van der Linde appointed a lovely young teacher that focusses on the children’s educational, emotional and social development.  The school is open to all children in the vicinity and for children whose parents do not have the financial capacity to send their children elsewhere.

The school is free and provides two nourishing meals a day for the children attending.  Wag n Bietjie Lodge provides lunch to all children and staff on a daily basis throughout the year.  We try and include the necessary vegetables and nourishment that children of that age needs.


All staff members that works at the lodge and on the farms get a weekly parcel of fresh meat for themselves and their families.

More projects are on their way – We will keep you updated!